Vendor Management and Oversight (basic)

Obtain basic knowledge of industry best practices for clinical vendor management

4 - 6 Sep 2023

On location


19,550 DKK ex VAT

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Are you compliant with the ICH GCP E6 Guideline R2 revisions on sponsors, Sites, Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and Vendors? And are you confident in your interaction and negotiation with these?

This course provides you with basic knowledge about how to comply with ICH GCP E6 Guideline R2.

You also gain insights into ensuring oversight of any trial-related duties and functions carried out on your behalf, including those that are subcontracted to another party by the sponsor’s contracted CRO(s).

Among other things, you learn to foresee potentials misunderstandings and issues. This will enable you to improve relations with vendors and ensure good results.

Please note: We also offer an advanced course in Vendor Management and Oversight.


Key words

  • Clinical outsourcing management
  • Vendor oversight
  • Risk management
  • Legal contracts
  • Compliance
  • Investigator agreements


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Course leader(s) & Lecturer(s)

  • Tina Harde
    Course leader
    Senior Outsourcing Manager
    Novo Nordisk A/S


This is a basic course for employees in pharmaceutical, biotech, or medico companies whose responsibilities include working with a CRO. It is an advantage to have some experience in the field. You work as e.g. Outsourcing Manager, Clinical Trial Manager, or Clinical Project Manager and want in-depth knowledge of best practices and a competence boost in clinical outsourcing.

What you will learn

  1. Industry best practices for how to plan, qualify, and select a CRO for a clinical study.
  2. How to negotiate and align expectation with a CRO.
  3. How to carry out oversight and manage a CRO, e.g. how to solve problems.
  4. Understand the overall principles of the legal part of a CRO agreement and site agreement.
  5. Understand ICH GCP E6 Guideline R2 revisions on sponsors, sites, CROs, and vendors.

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the overall principles of the legal part of a CRO agreement and site agreement.
  2. An employee who understands ICH GCP E6 guideline R2 revisions on sponsors, sites, CROs, and vendors.
  3. An employee with insights into implementing the revisions to ICH GCP E6 guideline in your organisation.

Course calendar

Starting 4 Sep 2023
4 Sep 2023 9:00-16:00


  • What is Vendor Management?
  • Introduction to CRO Business Development
  • Introduction to vendor oversight
  • Regulatory authorities and requirements
5 Sep 2023 9:00-16:00


  • The Vendor Manager’s role in contract negotiations
  • Outsourcing process steps
  • Planning phase
  • Selection phase
6 Sep 2023 9:00-16:00


  • Contract and startup phase
  • Maintenance phase
  • Closure phase
Practical information


Registration deadline
28 Aug 2023
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
4 - 6 Sep
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information


Optional readings will be available via your personal Atrium log-in. Please familiarise yourself with the readings before starting the course.


You must have some experience with CRO collaboration, interaction and/or negotiation, preferably in relation to outsourcing of clinical trials.

Course leader(s)

Tina Harde
Senior Outsourcing Manager
Novo Nordisk A/S

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