Introduction to Danish Marketing Compliance in Pharma

Learn the Danish rules and legislation on information and interaction with Health Care professionals (HCPs)

1 Nov 2023

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Special rules apply when informing healthcare professionals and the general public about pharmaceutical products:

  • Most pharma information is considered advertising.
  • A lot of advertising tools and methods are not allowed in pharma.
  • For pharma advertising to be legal, certain conditions must be met. 

This one-day course is designed to help you understand which rules apply in regards to prescription medicinal products. You will be introduced to the legal requirements for prescription medicinal products, targeted HCPs across different communication channels and media, so you can avoid common and costly pitfalls.

We will introduce you to the rules governing the Danish pharmaceutical industry’s interaction with HCPs enabling you to ensure that your interaction with HCPs is compliant.


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    • Danish Pharmaceutical Industry’s Promotional Code (in Danish: Reklamekodekset)
    • ENLI (ethical Committee for the pharmaceutical industry)
    • Marketing compliance
    • Danish legislation on advertising medicines

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    Course leader & lecturers

    • Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen
      Course leader
    • Mikkel Møller Rasmussen
      Chief consultant
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    Is this course for you?

    This course is for non-Danish speaking professionals working with advertising and promotion of medicinal products towards HCPs in Denmark.  

    What you will learn

    1. The purpose and background for self-regulation in the pharmaceutical industry.
    2. What constitutes advertising in a pharma context and how to make it adequate and factual.
    3. The definition of a healthcare professional (HCP).
    4. The prohibition of gifts and financial benefits.
    5. What the Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry (ENLI) looks for when approving or sanctioning pharmaceutical information.

      What your company will get

      1. An employee who understands the Danish marketing compliance landscape for prescription medicinal products.
      2. An employee who understands what constitutes advertisement in a pharma context and how to make it adequate and factual.
      3. An employee who is familiar with vital definitions and rules.
      4. An employee who knows the approval process and the jurisdiction of ENLI.

      Course calendar

      1 Nov 2023 9:00-16:00

      Day 1

      The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s (Lif) view on pharmaceutical legislation.

      Rules and regional agreements:

      • Rules for association between industry and healthcare professionals
      • Agreements with the different regions on meetings with and training of hospital employees

      ENLI: legislation and the pharmaceutical industry´s ethical self-regulation code

      • Introduction to ENLI: Who makes the rules and who must comply? How are they monitored? How are violations sanctioned?
      • Compulsory information for healthcare professionals
      • When are pharma advertising "adequate" and "factual"?
      • Advertising on the internet and social media

       The concept of advertising in pharma context: legislation, duties, and restrictions.

      • Prohibition of gifts and financial benefits and the exceptions to these prohibitions
      • Rules and practices regarding conferences, exhibitions, sponsorships, representation, etc.

      Practical information


      Registration deadline
      25 Oct 2023
      Lersø Parkallé 101
      2100 København Ø
      1 Nov
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      Course information


      This course is not eligible for the Diploma exam in Marketing compliance

      Course leader

      Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen


      Mikkel Møller Rasmussen
      Chief consultant
      Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen

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