Contracts and insurance in clinical trials

Are you familiar with the legal rules and principles in contracts and the consequent requirements in clinical trials?

26. May 2023

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In this course we will cover and discuss the – often very complex – legal rules and principles for contracts in clinical trials as well as the requirements as a result of these contracts. We will focus on substantial sections in contracts, including responsibility, ownership of inventions and data, rights of publication and insurance.

We will discuss how you as an investigator, project manager/nurse, clinical coordinator, monitor, clinical trial manager or similar, prepare, negotiate and indemnify a contract in the best way possible, as well as how you make sure the consequent requirements are met. 


  • General information about contracts
  • Guidelines and laws that regulate contracts
  • Types of contracts
  • Rights and duties for sponsor and investigator
  • Ownership of data
  • Insurance


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Course leader(s) & Lecturer(s)

  • Hans-Christian Lund
    Course leader
    Head of Legal Department
  • Lone Hertz
    Hertz & Co. Forsikringsrådgivere I/S
  • Mikkel Sørensen
    Associate Director, Legal Counsel
    Genmab A/S
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The course is especially for monitors, clinical trial managers, investigators, project leaders or project nurses, who work with other contracts for participation in clinical trials.

What you will learn

  1. What a contract is and the meaning of it
  2. The substantial requirements, considerations and interests behind clinical contracts
  3. The latest knowledge in the field of clinical contracts
  4. Practical and useful information and good advice applicable in your work forward
  5. Which insurances are necessary, and why?
  6. Requirements concerning clinical trials, especially in new legislation

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the important process of collaboration between clinical sites and sponsors
  2. An employee who will bring valuable input and insights to the table in connection to clinical contracts
  3. An employee who can assure an optimal and fast process when it comes to entering clinical contracts
  4. An employee who understands which requirements should be met when conducting the contracts

Course calendar

26 May 2023 9:00-16:00


  • Background and history of this course
  • General information regarding contracts
- The definition of a contract
- Who can enter into the contract?
- Who is eligible for signing?
- Can you begin without a signature?
  • Which guidelines and legislations regulate the contracts?
  • Danish vs. international
  • What types of contracts exist?
  • Examples of different versions, including clinical trials
  • What do clinical contracts contain?
  • Cases
  • Fictive cases illustrating different issues in the contracts.
- An entrance for the industry – ”Juridisk netværk”
- What is Juridisk netværk, and what does it offer?
- National standard contracts
- What do we look for in the contracts and why?
  • Insurances
- Sponsor coverage
- Hospital insurance
- Pharmaceutical and patient insurance
- How do you cover yourself in the best possible way in the contract?
- How much coverage do you need in the contract concerning assurance?
  • Workshop

    Presentation and discussion of the latest issues and challenges in the daily work. A new healthcare legislation was put into action with effect from May 2018:

- What does this mean when it comes to data access?
- What does it mean for monitoring and research when the law is fully implemented? And how will it affect clinical trials?
- The regions are enforcing new guidelines for overheads, etc.
    Practical information


    Registration deadline
    12 May 2023
    Lersø Parkallé 101
    2100 København Ø
    26 May
    Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

    Course information


    Prior to the course you will get access to mandatory and optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.

    Please familiarize yourself with the mandatory readings before starting the course.

    The course focuses on helping you solve practical challenges in your everyday tasks. Therefore, before the start of the course, you will be asked to submit issues that you experience in everyday life and wish to be discussed at the course.


    Experience with contractual relations in clinical trials is an advantage, but not a requirement. 


    There is no examination for this course.

    Course leader(s)

    Hans-Christian Lund
    Head of Legal Department


    Hans-Christian Lund
    Head of Legal Department
    Lone Hertz
    Hertz & Co. Forsikringsrådgivere I/S
    Mikkel Sørensen
    Associate Director, Legal Counsel
    Genmab A/S

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