Tormentor of doctors


February 2020

Tormentor of doctors

This was a term coined by a general practitioner, who in 1989 wrote an article in the Danish broad sheet newspaper, Politiken. The term was used to label what we now know as pharma consultants. The article provides an amusing perspective on how far collaboration between HCPs and the industry has come in 30 years.

Actually, the trip down memory lane takes us even further, as the author compares the sales rep of the even more distant past with the status of 1989. He notes an increase in the frequency of visits; an increase in the “showmanship” of the person visiting his clinic; and that the sales rep is more frequently a woman than a man – and he talks about the range of incentives provided by the consultant in 1989 that legislation (and common sense) has now put an end to.

At least one observation in the article holds in our time: The pharma consultant of 2020 is more frequently a woman than a man.

Also, the author notes a development from a “discrete” presentation of the products to a “discussion” of perspective of patient treatment. This ability to place pharmaceutical offerings in a real-world context is at the crux of expectations of today’s pharma consultant. And a competence in high demand.

Surely, pharma consultants who are able to provide relevant sparring and advice to HPCs will not be perceived as “tormentors of doctors”.

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