Management of risk situation drugs

Get equipped to prevent unintended incidents and enhance patient safety

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An increasing number of elderly people, a more complex disease picture and a decreasing number of trained professionals in the local healthcare system call for increased attention to medication management. With an increased knowledge of the seven risk situation medicines, the risk of unintended events is reduced and patient safety is increased.

Key words

Risk situation drugs
Patient safety

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Course leader & lecturers

  • Anne Byskov
    Course leader
    Klinisk informationsspecialist
  • Tone Marstrand
    Course leader
    Teamlead Digital Content & Communication
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Is this course for you?

This course is for you if you handle medication or teach how to handle medicine. It is for you  who are an unskilled employee in the local healthcare system.

What you will learn

  1. Insight into and knowledge of the 7 risk situation medicines.
  2. Knowledge of several concrete situations that, together with a medicine, constitute a risk.
  3. The most important points of attention in the handling of risk situation medicines.
  4. Knowledge of how medicines work in the body.
  5. Insight into which side effects you should be aware of.

What your company will get

  1. An employee who has in-depth knowledge of the seven risk situation medicines.
  2. An employee who can teach the rest of the staff what they should be aware of in situations where the seven risk situation medicines are included.
  3. An employee who can optimize workflows and focus areas.
  4. Increased patient safety.

Course agenda

Session 0

Film nr. 1: Opioider

Film nr. 2: Insulin

Film nr. 3: Blodfortyndende

Film nr. 4: Methotrexat

Film nr. 5: Digoxin

Film nr. 6: Kalium

Film nr. 7: Gentamicin

    Practical information
    Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

    Course information


    There is no exam.
    After each film has been watched to the end, the student is given access to download a pdf file with a checklist about the drug in question.

    When the course has been completed, the student will receive a course certificate by email.

    Course leaders

    Anne Byskov
    Klinisk informationsspecialist
    Tone Marstrand
    Teamlead Digital Content & Communication


    Anne Byskov
    Klinisk informationsspecialist

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