Lifelong learning

Meet your future colleague 

October 2018

Who is your future colleague in Life Science?


Significant changes are happening in the Life Science Industry these years. Digitalization, centralized decision making and an increased focus on disease prevention are just some of the changes we see. Changes that will affect how we work and who we hire. Are you as curious as we are to know who your future colleague is?


Five years from now we believe that more organizations will focus on presenting new solutions to challenges in public healthcare rather than new products. This will require cooperation with stakeholders across individual commercial interests and an aim for joint solutions that add value on a broader scale.


The most wanted competences

To find the person best fit for the future, these are the competencies we believe companies will look for:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration – the ability to work with people across professional disciplines and areas of expertise both inside and outside your organization.
  • Communication – being able to share knowledge with colleagues and having an understanding of how you start a dialogue with your stakeholders.
  • Solution finder – understanding of how to navigate stakeholders and how you inspire to joint decisions.


These competencies leave little or no room for the product pusher, the know-it-all or the isolated specialist. However, characteristics such as enthusiasm, drive, self-confidence and a relentless focus on own area of expertise are still essential traits and should not be neglected, but there seems to be a steady demand for "empathetic badasses" with excellent communicative skills and a will to see new solutions to old problems.


Are you ready for the future?

We aim to help you be ready for the future. Therefore, all our programmes focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and a good understanding of stakeholders, no matter if you work in Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Development, Medical Market Access, Marketing Compliance or Sales and Marketing.