Danish Pharmaceutical Academy

Time for a revision

June 2018

Time has come for a major revision of the Danish Pharmaceutical Academy

Learn what impact it has on your education

In 1972, the first Drug Consultant graduated after having completed the 'Drug Consultant training' (Lif Uddannelsen). Since then, much has happened in the pharma industry and new demands have emerged from course participants. We have adjusted the education programme on an ongoing basis, but now we believe that the time has come for a major change.

During the autumn, we will unveil a brand new educational structure that meets the market needs and give you adequate knowledge for an agile career in the pharma industry of tomorrow.

The new structure reflects a growing demand for individually planned educational programmes and both content and form will change to ensure that you get the most relevant knowledge and the best possible learning conditions.

It has been important for us to create a new educational programme that is practice-oriented and differentiates the target group to enable better collaboration across functions and professions.

Right now, we want to emphasize that all current course participants will be transferred to the new programme and gain a 6 module diploma that equips you to work with pharmaceuticals.

Follow the reveal of the new programme on this website - it will be exciting!

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