new programmes

From January 2018

October 2018

We are launching new training programmes 

To help you achieve a fuller, more advanced career in the life sciences

In January 2019 Atrium launches a new and updated structure for our commercial programmes Medical Market Access, Marketing Compliance and Pharma Consultant (previously Danish Pharmaceutical Academy).

We have updated content and adjusted the form to reflect the current and future market needs.

The new programmes have been developed with insights from thorough market research and in collaboration with leading managers from the pharmaceutical industry.



Programmes that fit your career goals

“We want to ensure that the course content is up to date and easily applicable to the everyday work life of our course participants,” says Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Director at Atrium

“Moreover, we want to introduce more flexibility to the programmes, so that they are easier to incorporate in today’s work life in terms of how time consuming they are, but more importantly in terms of personal profiling. Our selective modules make it possible to design a programme that fits your career goals,” he continues.


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