Lifelong Learning

How do you keep learning?

September 2018

How do you keep learning?

Your professional needs differ over time, depending on your career path and your life situation. Meet Bettina Lindharth Madsen, Principal Regulatory Affairs Professional at ALK Abello, and learn how her commitment to lifelong learning has unfolded during her career.

Bettina has found a balance between the experience that comes from working with things on a day to day basis, the perspectives that come from talking with colleagues in the industry and the new insights and information that come from attending courses and training sessions. “I work from the rule of thumb that says that 70% of what you learn comes from the job experience, 20% from activities, sharing and debating those experiences with colleagues and the last 10% from formal training. I would say that over the last years that’s pretty much how things have been for me.”

Bettina Lindharth Madsen, Principal Regulatory Affairs Professional at ALK Abello


Becoming familiar with a new area of expertise

When she first started working in the field of Regulatory Affairs there was a lot to pick up on, and for Bettina formal education felt like the right priority: “Back in the early years of my career, when I started working with Regulatory Affairs, it was a new area of expertise for me. From my formal pharmaceutical education, I didn’t know much about it, and I wanted to specialize in that particular area. I made it a priority to get to the core of it, and over a four-year period I completed two courses each year. This led to the  Regulatory Affairs Diploma which has been a valuable platform for me.”

Getting back in the game

Being focused on what is important is vital in all areas of life. Therefore, time away to take care of your newborn child of course means a change in priorities. At least for a while: “You stay on top and keep learning by being out there doing the job. That is also why, after my maternity leave, I was pleased with the opportunity to join Atrium’s Regulatory Affairs network. To me that was a perfect way to reconnect with my network, make new connections and catch up on the latest changes and conversations. I have been part of the network for some years now, and I really appreciate the way we challenge and support each other with the debates we have, while also getting inspirational input and new information from hot topic sessions, etc.”


Stay focused and be picky

Unless you are looking to make a U-turn in your career, your focus gets razor sharp over time and you aim for very specific areas of relevance: “In the stage of my career by now, I’m picky with the training I attend. I have a broader perspective and more in-depth experience after years working within the field of Regulatory Affairs. So what I’m after now is highly specialized information that can be instantly applied. For instance, at this very moment, I’m considering the RA Environment in the USA. I know from experience that the course will meet my requirements for high quality and professionalism, and that I will get knowledge and insights I can apply immediately. That’s how I prioritize and pick my courses nowadays, as opposed to when RA was brand new to me, and I needed the full spectrum.”


We are committed to your lifelong learning

At Atrium we are here to support you every step of the way, whether you are looking for new learning opportunities or possibilities to connect and network. While we strive to feature the industry’s best lecturers, we know that is only a part of the learning process. We encourage you to learn from your classmates and peers, and to tap into our range of professional networks.

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