Lifelong learning

September 2017


As with so many other areas in life it is a matter of priority. Your skills are our priority.  Are they also your priority?

You may consider how to stay ahead. How you keep upgrading your skills to always be an asset for your work place and to enhance your career opportunities. Lifelong upgrading of skills and qualifications are more important than ever and a requirement if you want to advance professionally.

We also need to up our game

Having been around for many years and having a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable supplier of courses and master programmes for the life science industry we at Atrium feel a huge responsibility to help you in your efforts to stay ahead. Therefore, we too need to up our game and make adjustments.

“For us to stay relevant and to follow through on our core promise to provide professional, inspiring, and useful learning experiences, we have to pick up on market trends and respond to client demands,” says Søren-Ulrik Rolsted Fangholm, Director of Atrium.

Stay sharp and responsive

To stay on top of new legal requirements, life science landmarks, and changes in market dynamics we strive to proactively engage in the relevant life science fora, gather input from our users, and consult our advisory boards.

“Our highly specialised Programme Directors have a narrow focus on their individual area of expertise which is how we assure that our programmes are adjusted on an ongoing basis and always are up to date. And consulting our advisory boards - with a broad representation of life science representatives - is how we make sure our services are in response to the current market situation and our users’ requirements,” Søren-Ulrik sums up.

Over the coming months we will share some inside information with you about how we build our courses to be in line with market trends and the newest research. We will look into learning styles and how you implement your newest learning in your daily work. And finally, we will share how some of your colleagues in life science choose to approach lifelong learning as a business critical priority.

Till next!