Most professionals acknowledge the importance of a strong network. Do you?

November 2017

Do you actively nurture your network?

By: Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Head of Department, Atrium

Most professionals acknowledge the importance of a strong network, yet very few have a structured approach to keeping it up to date. Why is that?

In a recent survey we asked you, course participants at Atrium, what is most important when you decide where to put your time and money when it comes to courses and educational programs. The answer was clear: professional and relevant content and the possibility to network with colleagues and key opinion leaders from the industry.

Your networking efforts
We understand that networking is one important parameter when choosing which courses to attend, and therefore we try to nurture the networking opportunities.

When you make networking a priority you give yourself the opportunity to get up to speed with the latest developments in your area of expertise, and you get to discuss challenges with likeminded people.

Being well connected not only makes you better at finding solutions to new and challenging tasks but also fuels your future career aspirations. These are good reasons to have a structured approach to your networking efforts.

Network is at the heart of who we are
We recently changed our name from Lif Uddannelse/Medicademy to Atrium and many of you have asked: Why Atrium?

We chose Atrium because we wanted a name that clearly reflects our purpose and resonates with our “personality” – who we are and what we do.

Atrium is where people meet
Originally, Atrium has a double meaning. It is the chambers of the heart where the blood from the veins is received – and also the central space of a large building, opening up to the sky at its centre.

In the ancient Roman houses, the atrium functioned as the centre of family life. It was where people met and shared ideas. We found that to be a good match.

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