COVID-19 (Corona)

The following was updated 10 March.

At Atrium we wish to protect our course participants. We continuously monitor and carry out the recommendations of Sundhedsstyrelsen, the Danish health authorities.

We understand your need for information in this situation and will do our very best to accommodate. 

I have signed up for a course in the coming days – what will happen?

We expect that all course are running, but will amend according to Sundhedsstyrelsen’s recommendations.

If changes are made, you will be contacted directy if you have signed up for a course.

If courses are postponed (as opposed to cancelled), there is no refund.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my course?

As courses are conducted in accordance with Sundhesstyrelsen's guidelines, there is no refund if you cancel for personal reasons.

If you wish to cancel your sign-up to a course, please contact the Client Manager for the course. Find Atrium employees here

What about courses later this year?

Courses scheduled at our website are open for registration and will be completed. This decision is continually revised according to Sundhedsstyrelsen’s recommendations.

How many people participate in an Atrium course?

This varies, but typically a maximum of 25 course participants plus up to 5 lecturer and organisers.

Of course, number of participants and course format (online vs. offline) are continually revised according to Sundhedsstyrelsen’s recommendations.