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Do you work with Market Access in Denmark, Norway or Sweden? Are you up to date with the common issues and pitfalls seen in economic models submitted to a Health Technology Assessment Agency (HTA) - especially pertaining to those most commonly used in connection with the QALY method?

Following on from the course ”Understand the QALY method - just as well as the Danish Medicines Council”, this course is a deeper dive into some of the issues encountered in economic modelling for national HTA.

The course also covers how the results of economic models can be conveyed to non-experts, and introduces some common pricing negotiation strategies that are used by international HTA agencies.

The course is conducted in collaboration with leading Health Economists from York Health Economic Consortium – wholly owned by University of York (UK), a world leading institution within the field of health economics.


Key words

  • Model critique
  • Market Access
  • HTA
  • QALY
  • Danish Medicines Council
  • Health economic models
  • Interpreting model results
  • Pricing strategies
  • The Nordics

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  • Market Access specialists
  • HEOR specialists
  • Medical Advisors
  • Health Economists

What you will learn

  1. How to critique complex economic models
  2. Common issues/pitfalls seen in economic models submitted to HTA
  3. How to communicate model results to non-experts
  4. An overview of common pharmaceutical pricing strategies

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the complexities of economic models in the context of the QALY framework
  2. An employee who understands how the national HTA agencies will critique model submissions
  3. An employee who understands how to communicate results of economic models to non-experts
  4. An employee who understands different pricing strategies that are available to decision makers

Course information


Prior to the course you will get access to mandatory and optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.

Please familiarize yourself with the mandatory readings before starting the course. The mandatory readings are also part of the examination syllabus.


To benefit from this course, it is an advantage to have participated in the course ”Understand the QALY method - just as well as the Danish Medicines Council”.

If you have not participated in this course, a solid background in health economics is necessary.


There is no examination for this course.

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